Cooking & Meal Policies

Here are the ways that Well Being Conference Center strives to provide delicious healthy meals to suit your needs:

    • For your event, we can serve
      • Non-vegetarian Meals, or
      • Non-vegetarian Meals with a Vegetarian Option at each Meal, or
      • Vegetarian Meals (including eggs and dairy)
A photo of Don Oakley and Patty Bottari, the onsite caretakers for Well Being Conference Center, serving supper from their Commercial Kitchen

Don and Patty serving supper

  • Our meals are nearly all gluten free and low in sugar
  • At your request, we can also do a dairy free or vegan program
  • Nearly all of the food served will be freshly prepared
  • We do not use trans-fats, peanut butter, margerine or vegetable oils, aluminum or Teflon cookware, aluminized baking powder
  • A large percentage of the food served is organic or comes from our own one acre garden (in season) which is tended by organic means.
  • For all food served, a list of ingredients will be displayed with the dish.
  • In addition to three full meals, we also provide tea, coffee, and herbal teas as well as snacks and fruit during the day.
  • We have received rave reviews on our cooking.
  • Our kitchen is a Licensed Commercial Kitchen which is inspected by the Tennessee Health Department twice a year.

Food service is available for groups of six people or more and will be served in the Conference Building or at the Powell River Pavilion. If you are renting a cabin, five of our cabins have full kitchen facilities and you can prepare your own meals.

If someone in your group has special food needs (other than those listed above), five of the cabins have full kitchens where such special foods can be stored and prepared.

If your group would rather prepare your own meals, we can accommodate that request also. However, whatever meal option is selected will apply to your whole group