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What guests are saying about Well Being Conference Center

Ed from Knoxville – October 2016

On a personal note, we spent last weekend in a retreat at the Well Being Conference Center and discovered what an incredible place Don and Patty have created in the mountains of Claiborne County, a little over an hour from Knoxville. For me personally, it was the best retreat experience I’ve ever had. The setting was beautiful, the accommodations first class, and there was an amazing synergy among our small but diverse group of retreatants.

Kathy from Nashville – October 2016

Can’t find the words but want you and Don to know that you will remain in my heart, and that you and the beautiful place you have created have given me a very concrete experience/image/vision to carry forward. Simply knowing that you are in the world, on the land, welcoming folks and calling them to silence, gives me a sense of peace. I feel so very fortunate to have spent that sacred time with you and wish you all the best until our next opportunity to be together.

Julie from Nashville – October 2016

My friend just returned from the weekend with you all, and felt so restored and back to a good place inside! The word is getting around as to this special oasis up in the hills of Tennessee where two remarkable people have created a true place of well-being and healing!

Carrie from Knoxville – October 2016

Once more thank you for an amazing weekend. Thank you for being who you are.

Jane from Knoxville – October 2016

To spend my birthday with you and the sacredness of WBCC meant the world to me. I see amazing things ahead for WBCC and it is truly my honor to watch you flourish and grow. Thank you for all that you do for all of us and for Mother Earth, but most importantly, thank you for being you!

Carolyn from Knoxville – Oct 2016

Thank you both so much for making our stay so wonderful and memorable. It was relaxing being on the land. My heart and soul were fed and my mind rested. Deep gratitude for you both and all that you are doing.

Barbara from Knoxville – October 2016

I think we all still have a bit of a peaceful glow about us after the hours we spent at Well Being. Thank you so much for sharing your sacred places and yourselves.

Alex Levin from Virginia – October 2016

The retreats I am fortunate to attend are incredibly special, sacred time for me. This fall, on silent retreat with Mukti at the Well Being Conference Center I marveled, enjoyed, and overflowed with gratitude for Patty and Don’s vision, passion, openness and action in every detail of the setting and accommodations supporting our stay and purpose: from the clear attention to ecology and environment as they’ve built this place from the ground up, to the natural spaces and beauty for walking and hanging out; from meals rich with fruit and veggies to a variety of seasoning and spices tantalizing our taste buds at every meal (and snacks and great coffee!); from solidly constructed dwellings to artful, comfortable and clean spaces; from the diversity of projects – bee keeping, raising chickens, building bathrooms, gardening, road construction, growing a business, selecting salient event topics – to the single minded focus of service; from staff who work diligently with care to the dedication that is clearly love-fueled! For all of this, I thank you dearly.

Jess Jones, PhD, Restoration Biologist with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service – Oct 2016
Thanks so much for the wonderful stay here at Well Being. I’m always amazed at the innovation and positive vision each time I visit. Your hospitality to host my students and technicians and to play an integral role in mussel conservation on the Powell River has been an integral part of our efforts. Can’t wait to see you again.

Patti G. from Nashville – October 2016
I just wanted to thank you again for providing such a lovely and serene setting and ambiance for the retreat, and for providing such wholesome, healthy and tasty food. After five days of eating your yummy healthy food, I felt as if I could not go back to my usual unhealthy eating habits. What a gift! Thank you for that and for all that you do. Until next time…

Mary Anne from Boulder, Colorado – October 2016
Great Hospitality!

Patricia from Knoxville – Sept 2016
You have a beautiful place here – so calm and serene. This is a great place to get in touch with nature and Spirit. I appreciate all that you do to make this possible. The “Stairway to Heaven” is appropriately named because the Top of the Hill is truly Heaven. So is the rest of Well Being. You should write a recipe book!

Irene from Knoxville – Sept 2016
Everything is absolutely wonderful! Food is fantastic. You should write a cookbook. We can feel the love and thoughtfulness that has been put into everything.

Colleen from Knoxville – Sept 2016
I have never felt so nourished in my entire life in every way! Well Being abounds in the exquisite fragrance of the air, light dancing through fog, stately trees, and the very presence of the earth at your center. The food was refreshing and divinely delicious! The cabin was a tidy miracle. Thank you for creating this space. (I wanted to) give you an idea how grateful I am to have spent time at your healing paradise. I will return to work on Monday morning renewed… My husband and  I were completely bowled over by the glorious food! Much better than Omega or Kripalu or Blue Spirit or Asilomar or Vajrapani or Naropa or Mount Madonna or anywhere else we have ever been. I would be grateful if you have a cookbook …Thank you both for the miracle on earth you have created. We will be back!

Sara Hood – August 2016
Not a detail was left undone, the Well Being Conference Center is truly a gem. Patty and Don are incredible hosts and I think secretly Top Chefs. Every meal prepared was thoughtful, creative, and made with love. I tried many new foods for the first time and enjoyed every bite. This place nourished my body and soul and I am grateful for the time I got to spend here.

Sarah from Knoxville – June 2016
I was helped greatly by my first retreat with you and my other new friends in the beauty of silence with God in His creation. I am progressing in my journey recovering from burnout. Thank you for your part in my healing.

Kellie from Knoxville – June 2016: The gratitude and love I feel cannot be limited by words. It is difficult to describe how blessed I feel to have been introduced to both of you and to the Well Being Center. It has been a place of healing and a place of love and you are both the nucleus from which is radiates. Thank you for everything.

Barbara from Knoxville June 2016: Thank you for sharing your vision and for your kind and sweet spirits. Well Being CC has made an impact on my spiritual growth and shows love in action. Truly, I have learned: “Silence is golden and love flows like a river.”

Tracy from Knoxville – June 2016: I just wanted to tell you both how much I enjoyed being at your center.  It truly is a fabulous place!  It is so refreshing to know that in this world of so much illness and discord there are people like you who invest so much time, energy, and resources in making it a place of health and harmony.  In addition to my cap and blueberries picked off the bush, I took with me a true sense of wellbeing.  May God continue to bless you as you continue to bless others.  Thank-you again!

Karen from Maryville, TN June 2016: Thank you, thank you, thank you for another incredible and transformative weekend!!! Thank you for your graciousness, your warmth, and your gift of sharing your hearts and this beautiful place with me and so many others. This is truly one of my favorite places in the world!

Kellie from Knoxville, TN May 2016: I have thought about you both so often. I can’t describe the sense of peace I felt in your presence. Both of you, and the space you provide for that quiet and stillness, changes lives, Patty. It truly changes lives.

Caroline from Knoxville, TN May 2016: It was wonderful meeting you and Patty and getting to spend a lovely weekend at your amazing Center.  I hope to be back very soon!  I am telling everyone I know about your place!

Tina from Morristown, TN May 2016: To say your Well-Being Retreat has a high vibration is an understatement.  The trees speak and the wind and water transmutes all things released and no longer needed.  You are a blessing to share this lovely patch of super charged Earth energy with us.  As a daughter of Earthing long before we called it that, I am honored to have experienced your sacred space and very grateful to have met you both.

Lois from Knoxville, TN April 2016: Thank you, thank you for all you did to make this retreat so great. Your spirit and spirit of the place are a real treasure.

Elaine from Knoxville, TN March 2016: I’m basking in another wonderful experience at Well Being CC and my brain hasn’t discovered yet how to thank you and Don sufficiently for all you provide. The weekend was relaxing and enriching. So thanks for your presence, your generosity and your care.

Jamie from Atlanta – March 2016: Thank you for creating the space to feel presence. I can’t express how grateful I am. You and this beautiful place and land saved me from hell again.

Chelsea from Bristol, TN – February 2016: I had asked myself how I felt about the weekend, what things I would take back home with me, etc… And it occurred to me that this weekend really was about love. I felt like “I was truly seen” by everyone there, and that I was able to see everyone in return. I just want to thank you and Don again for holding the safe space for us all this weekend, and for seeing me.

Dr. Agnes Vanderpool, PhD, Lincoln Memorial University – February 2016: I just wanted to thank you both for meeting with my students this week. I am grateful that the two of you are always so willing to help with the work that we do with the students. Well Being and the Oakleys are a significant resource for our program. It is a blessing to be able to work with you both.

Laura from Harrogate, TN – February 2016: We had an absolutely wonderful stay this weekend. We hiked the stairway to heaven and we walked along the beach. It was an incredible experience. We decided that we would definitely be back since we didn’t want to leave in the first place!

Carol from Knoxville – January 2016: It meant a lot to me to spend time with you in Tazewell. The Center reflects the value you place on Nature, a slower pace and quiet time to listen and reflect. Thank you for sharing the space with me.

Barry from Knoxville – January 2016: Thank you so much for the opportunity to share SoulSpace this past weekend! What a gift you have given to those who were there! Thank you for creating a Sharing Place that is a Sacred Space.

Will Pye from Australia – July 2015
“A fellow guest and I agreed that the aptly-named Well Being Conference Center is one of the most special places we had been in our lives. Although she had been here for just 3 days the experience was already so full, impactful and deeply felt. We each recalled the moment we arrived, instantly opening into a welcoming tranquility that stirs the soul and elevates the spirit. The map showing a pregnant woman shaped piece of land encircled by the beautiful Powell River – allowing a 2.5 mile kayak ride arriving where you began – is perfectly symbolic of the womb-like nature of this unique slice of heaven. Whatever is to be felt or healed can and will arise within the stunning beauty and serenity. Three visits for me have yielded three rebirths and I look forward to the next. Don, Patty and all the team are perfect guardians of this paradise and the warmest of hosts.

William from Knoxville – May 2015:
“Just a brief note to express my gratitude for all the light and love you both share. You are both so special to me.”

Elizabeth from Nashville – June 2015
I’m running out of words to express my gratitude. To have the chance to know the two of you and be nourished by your presence as well as by this heavenly land makes my heart sing with joy like the birds. This trip has been deeply restful for my soul and body.”

Elaine from Knoxville – June 2015
I’ve been reflecting on my experience at your center last weekend. It was refreshing, enlightening, comforting and invigorating. During the weekend, I was able to reconnect with “my song.” Thank you. I look forward to many more times there and with you.

Scott from Nashville June 2014
“There is no way I can thank you both enough. I haven’t had the opportunity to experience anything similar to what my time at the Well Being Center was like. I longed for the silence so much for the few days after the retreat. I kept thinking, “I had no idea what was down there.” I thought it curious that it seems like the silence was deepening and it physically felt like I was sinking into it … into God. I spent time contemplating each bite of food and didn’t realize how dynamic everything in life could be. So much gratitude and compassion…”

Terri from Seattle June 2014
“I come away from this gathering, completely full: so many incredible offerings for supporting this “homeopathic drop in the pool of Humanity”—bringing together the fullness of it all and the emptiness of it all, laced in the beauty of each particular expression of the Whole. I hope to be in contact with each of you and I would love to connect in a gathering like this again.”

Marcia from Harrogate Jan 2015
“Your warmth, hospitality and cooking and general support were such a delightful lift to the spirit of our team. Thank you so much for sharing your center and yourselves with us.”

William from Knoxville – October 2014
“Just a note of deep gratitude for the way you both shared tour time, hearts and wonderful presence with me. Thank you both for all your work and love you have put into your retreat center. What a gift to the world.”

David from Asheville June 2015:
Thank you Don. The retreat was extraordinary; and I am very grateful to you and Patty for providing that opportunity.

Barbara from Chattanooga – July 2014:
Thank you for the gift of your presence, both of you.

Barry & Jan from Knoxville May 2015:
What a wonderful three days in paradise! Thank you for being such gracious hosts! We loved every second – the cottages are lovely and the paddling relaxing. We will be back.”

Ken & Mary from Claiborne County May 2014:
“We want to thank you for a truly inspirational Saturday at your beautiful part of the world. To learn more about our bees, visit with new found friends, relax on a “god-given” beautiful day was, well, just wonderful.”

Dr. Agnes Vanderpool, Ph.D.
“I wanted to express my sincere thanks and that of our girls and their parents for the Environmental Science Day we spent with you at Well Being. I have had a lot of really positive feedback about the program, the Well Being facility and the hospitality with which we were all treated. It was a lovely day! Thank you both so much for giving of your time, energy and resources to the children of our community.”

Esme from California, age 7 2014:
“Dear Well Being and all who work Earth who gives, plants who nourish, and humans who help out and do what’s needed. It is a blessing to have you all here and for our family to know you. Thank you Patty and Don for doing what you have done.”

Elizabeth from Nashville May 2014
The retreat was such a rich experience for me and I enjoyed being with everyone immensely. I am so incredibly grateful to get the chance to be held in the silence in the silence of Nature. The two of you, as hopefully you well know, are such a JOY to be with. Your presence has been such a gift…”

Tom from Knoxville May 2015:
Thanks for the wonderful time. We will be back with more friends!!

Eleanor from Claiborne County September 2012:
“Just a note to thank you for the most enjoyable tour of your beautiful property. The views are breathtaking and I enjoyed every minute I spent there. I look forward to spreading the word about your “little piece of heaven.”

Michael from Claiborne County October 2014
“Just wanted to express my thanks again for allowing us to drive back on the property Sunday afternoon. I have extremely fond memories of that place and getting to go back there really brings me back to them. I love what you all are doing and am glad that such a special piece of my childhood is in the hands of people like you.”

Regina from LaFollette, TN – June 2015:
You and Patty are the best and I am so glad that we have gotten to know each other. The work you have done with the regatta and Powell River is wonderful. I am very proud of all that you have done to help out LMU and tourism in our community.

Jess Jones, PhD from US Fish & Wildlife Service Blacksburg, VA Aug 2015
Great seeing you all and thank you for the hospitality. It’s been so wonderful for my crew and I to stay here. I had two great mornings on the porch watching the river and the deer.

Scott from Nashville July 2015:
I feel very blessed. This abrupt change back into daily life feels sad, but great wood for the fire. Well Being is a beacon of light and love in an otherwise seemingly dark part of the ocean. I believe it was Rumi that wrote: “In the longest, most barren part in this desert of suffering, I found this rose.” I thought of it as Will was speaking of finding the beauty in suffering and couldn’t quite find the right time to share it. As the next day progressed, I began to think about how lonely I had felt at times and how Well Being was oasis of love and connection for me. I think you guys are Rumi’s rose in physical form and allows seeing into his direct meaning by being in your, as well as the community and lands presence. Until I return, may the profound peace and wisdom of God continue to spring up with you all.

Steve from Nashville July 2015:
What a wonderful weekend and retreat, thank you both. And what a great group of people, it all just works like magic. Each time I come and go, another little piece of me is left behind so that now it’s almost like being in two places at once. It’s not hard for me say that I feel more whole there than elsewhere as life only seems to get more confusing for me, while when I’m there, it feels like there is no place else to be.

Eddie from Asheville (Maxie) July 2015
Beautiful! The photos do reflect radiant souls. Thanks for being such wonderful host and stewards. The time was rejuvenating and heart opening. It was good to meet both you and Don. I’d love to come back again and so enjoy cooking in that wonderful kitchen sometime.

Jane from Knoxville August 2015
Again I have to shower you and Don with love and appreciation for creating a spectacular place. Your warmth, love and generosity have hugged me all day. I look forward to seeing you both soon.

Barbara from Knoxville Aug 2015
My time with you both and the other beautiful souls who shared time, space and themselves with me was more than I could have imagined. What a joy to get to know both of you better. Thank you for following through with your vision to promote love and well being. The spirit you both radiate is warm comforting and caring. Driving into the Center on Narrows Road made me feel like I was “going home.”

Gerri from Knoxville – July 2015
Don & Patty’s hospitality added so much to the comfort of the weekend from the moment I met Patty. The food was beyond amazing – so healthy – wonderful to nourish the body while nourishing the soul. Beds were very comfortable.

Wendy from Asheville – July 2015
Wonderful energy. Comfortable in every way. Delicious food. Very caring and nurturing.

Barbara from Asheville – July 2015
I love that this environment is free from man-made noises. Pure nature is just what I needed to call my deepest self forward. Wow! Patty and Don have created a magnificent environment.

Joyce from Clinton, TN July 2015
Awesome facility and very conducive to the purpose and intent of the retreat content. Exceeded my expectations.

David from South Carolina – July 2015
Wonderful place. Wonderful people.